Djäkne – Malmö

Malmö is not the kind of place you’d expect to find first-rate coffee. The streets are modern, but quiet. The ‘old town’ has a regal architecture that hides what is actually a very vibrant coffee culture. It has undoubtedly benefited from proximity to Copenhagen, across the new bridge, but Malmö also has an individuality to it. Djäkne is a great example of the clean, spacious feel of Malmö. It has functionalist, but stylish design with an emphasis on huge spaces. This was especially evident when I arrived as the shop was next to empty.

A long bar holds behind it a Marzocco and pourover is available for the more filter-minded drinker. Djäkne offers traditional continental foods, such as pastries and muesli, but the menu is compact. Behind the bar they have a selection of their favourite roasters, Koppi, Coffee Collective, as well as some more local roasters. But these are just for display. The coffee they provide is from a local roastery in Malmö called Lilla Kafferosteriet, though they also occasionally have guests on.

The coffee I tried was a Kenyan, from the Kianjiru plantation. It was well crafted through V60, and I found it to be complex. The primary notes I found were chocolate orange with a small  acidity:brightness ratio. This made it incredibly easy to drink and, whilst I would have liked more body, I daresay that is merely personal preference.

I seriously recommend this, especially if you are on a flying visit through Malmö as I was. It’s very central and you can see a lot of the old town on the way from the station. It’s also got free wifi (a godsend, and a little less common in Scandi than the UK) and some cool music as well.

Djäkne (swedish)
Lilla Kafferosteriet


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