Interview with Klaus Thomsen

Quick post to inform everyone that Danish Review 2013 has been published. This is an online English language journal addressing Danish/Scandi culture, produced by various members of UCL staff/students. It’s fairly new, and next year it will hopefully become print. Thanks to Jesper Hansen, the editor, and teaching fellow in the Scandi Studies dept at UCL. I contributed a small interview with Klaus Thomsen (of the Coffee Collective and previous World Barista Champion) on coffee culture in Copenhagen uniting my passion of coffee with my heritage of Denmark. The full pdf can be found here. Here’s a short excerpt:

‘London has been very lucky’, Klaus Thomsen tells me in his impeccable English. ‘There are so many cafe chains’. In fact, Klaus started his coffee days in a Starbucks in London: an ironic, if unsurprising start to a prestigious career. ‘This was in 2001 and I didn’t know better back then!’ In fact, London as a whole didn’t know better about quality coffee, but Klaus contemplates, ‘having a Starbucks or Coffee Republic on every corner started getting people interested in coffee’. This, in turn, laid the groundwork for a really successful speciality coffee business environment. In Copenhagen, however, ‘people don’t go out as much for lunch. There’s not this culture of popping out of the office at lunchtime to get a coffee and some food’. This is changing, Klaus mentions, and more and more people are taking time at lunch to sample coffee in Copenhagen.

Please give it a read. At any rate, the timing of this is great because next week I’m going to Copenhagen to experience the culture – and the coffee – first-hand. Expect pictures and blogs!

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