Koppi Coffee (courtesy of Store Street)

There’s a real trend at the moment towards guesting international roasters. Coffee shops across London are showcasing coffees from all across the world next to their standard roasters. And they definitely should be providing this, as some great coffee is being roasted outside of the UK and it would otherwise be difficult to get hold of without the coffee shops acting as importers. What has really been a hit is the best of the Scandinavian roasters. The culture in Scandinavia is strong, and these countries have a great modernising attitude towards speciality coffee. Previously I have taken a look at the Coffee Collective, from Denmark, this time I was able to taste some Koppi.


Koppi was founded by two Swedish barista champs, Anne Lunell and Charles Nystrand, and is one of the pillars of Scandinavian coffee. The coffee I tried, a Honduras Los Pinos, prepared by the top baristas at Store Street espresso, was a great example of filter I have tried before from Koppi. A characteristically fresh and clean flavour, more towards the dry fruit flavour, this coffee was very subtle and light on the tongue (previous Koppis I’ve had have struck me as apple-y). It left me with the distinct aftertaste of a grassy field. The taste is consistent through the cup, and did not change greatly as it cools. As a gross generalisation, I would say that this coffee is quite indicative of a Scandinavian feel: light and nuanced, resulting from a tendency towards fully washed beans.

Store Street Espresso


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