UK Coffee Week FAQ

This week is UK Coffee Week! This is a short, fragmented consciousness FAQ explaining it, and letting you know how to get involved. (Stole the format a little bit from the Guardian’s passnotes.)


What is UK Coffee Week? It’s a week where the coffee industry celebrates the glorious black, caffeinated substance that keeps the world spinning.

Does that really deserve a whole week? Yes.

Okay… But is it really just about coffee? Not just coffee. The purpose is dual. Coffee professionals and coffee enthusiasts come together to raise money for ‘Project Waterfall’, a charity that works with coffee-producing countries to improve infrastructure that provides clean water.

That sounds worthy! How does Project Waterfall work? The need for cleaner water in these countries is great, and they are frequently amongst the poorest countries in the world. Despite this, they produce much of the best coffee in the world, and coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world.

So it’s a way of giving something back? Exactly.

Is contributing as simple as buying coffee? Amazingly, yes. Different stores are participating in different ways, but you can find a list of participating coffee shops here (just scroll past the chains to the indie shops at the bottom).

It seems like a great time to support non-chains too, and celebrate the quality coffee that the UK is producing right now. We’re at the forefront of a wave, and it’s rare that you can say that of the UK. It really is a celebration.

Is there anything else? No.

Are you sure? What will you be doing this week? Drinking lots of coffee, but no change there.


… Oh right. This weekend is the London Coffee Festival. It’s a once-a-year showcase of coffee talent and industry in Brick Lane’s Truman Brewery. Tickets are still on sale (50% of the ticket price goes to Project Waterfall), and it’s set to be awesome. I’ll be there on Friday eve taking snaps, and preparing a blog for those who can’t get there.

Are you going? Yes, you are too.

Am I? Yes.


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