Kaffeine – Fitzrovia

Kaffeine is a well-respected name around London, and puts an emphasis on providing quality coffee. The influences are obviously Australasian, both in the interior and the staff, who are fantastically friendly. The space inside is pretty small, and at lunch can get a bit busy, but as we approach summer there’s a lovely area to sit outside as well. Great Titchfield Street is full of other interesting independent shops, and so getting over to Fitzrovia is well worth the journey.

The coffee on bar is Square Mile, and I was a little disappointed to find out that there was no filter coffee available. The lead barista, Shaun Young, is award-winning, but he made his name originally in the Aeropress championships, so I had hoped to try an awesome filter. Instead I had a flat white, well made with a beautiful colour to the espresso. The coffee made the most of the Red Brick blend, which comes through with quite an earthy and full flavour.

Overall Kaffeine is very reminiscent of some of the original independent coffee shops with the influx of coffee-mad Australians, and focus on pulling the best espresso possible. The ‘Coffee Philosophy’ on their website goes into a lot of detail about what they regard as important to their craft and demonstrates the passion that goes into their cups. In retrospect, I would have liked something more, but maybe that was provided by the outstanding, tattoo-clad staff.

Square Mile


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