Decaf: addendum

A shot of two coffees: one decaf, the other normal. This is from a quality roaster, and the darker roast is the decaf. As a rule of thumb, darker roasts are stronger, and the darkest roasts are worse. Baristas dislike decaf because most of the time, it has to be roasted dark to get it to taste. Baristas dislike decaf because the coffee is, on the whole, worse. Witness also the oiliness of the darker roast (more obvious in person).


However, I also feel compelled to add that there is hope for the unfortunate drinker of decaf. Has Bean posted a blog discussing a new form of decaffeination known as EA (Ethyl Acetate) which supposedly perfects the process, in an all-natural way, without losing any of the flavour. Only Has Bean retails a coffee like this in the UK currently, but it may provide some hope to those that both love the taste of coffee, and have no choice but to drink decaf.


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