Coffee Collective (courtesy of Store Street)

I get more excited by coffee things now. This morning, on the train up to London, I got inappropriately excited at a tweet I saw from @StoreStEspresso saying that they were stocking Coffee Collective coffee. Regular readers will know that I am half-Danish, and studying Scandinavian Studies, so the prospect of trying coffee from the most prominent roaster to come out of Copenhagen was enough to get my taste buds oscillating.

I’ve already written a post about Store Street Espresso, my most visited coffee shop in London. But this is about Coffee Collective, especially as their bags are a rare sight in the UK. The coffee is directly traded, and they adhere to all the hallmarks of a great roaster: single origin filter, small batch roasting etc. But the proof is in the pudding as they say, and my appreciation of them so far has only been theoretical.

First of all, a nod to the Store Street baristas. The consistency in their coffee is excellent, even at busy times. The Coffee Collective guest pourover they have is Columbia El Dissarollo. Light and complex, the coffee’s flavours are subtle and requires searching from the tongue. Straight away is a light sherbet flavour, this was then followed by a drier and less obvious Earl Grey note. The finish is clean and gives the drinker time to identify all the flavours in the complex body of the coffee.

It’s impossible to judge a roaster on just one cup of coffee, but if I were to judge based on this cup, the marks would be high. This coffee was bold in its quietness, which showed a trust in the drinker to be able to appreciate the deeper aspects of the coffee. The El Dissarollo impressed me, and if the Coffee Collective achieve this quality of coffee consistently, then they could well stand up with the best of London coffee. Coffee Collective is at Store Street for a limited time, so catch it before it’s gone.

Coffee Collective
Store Street Espresso

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