Ponsonby Central – Auckland (Ponsonby)

I originally thought I would review the small coffee roaster/coffee shop inside Ponsonby Central market, but I think this would be missing out too much information about this wonderful area. Ponsonby Central is an area for all foodies to mix in a modern environment. Situated in the middle of the fashionable, hipster area of Auckland, Ponsonby Central adds to the coffee scene, whilst providing several more restaurants and a food market.

The food market itself deserves a whole post worth of coverage. The fruit and veg takes up the largest area, but an extensive butcher, and fresh fishmonger are notable for the sheer rarity of them in Auckland. Another gap that Ponsonby Central fills is the baking industry. There is a bakery/cafe next to the fruit and veg, which looked promising, but you’ll have to come early to find any bread left at all. Everything is done to traditional specs, but with modern twists. Red brick is joined by steel in the decor.

There is a large coffee shop/bar which sells Three Bean coffee. I tried the little coffee vendor in the main food area. You are treated to watching the beans be roasted as you wait for you coffee to be made. The coffee is sold/roasted by Eight Thirty, a small roaster that also has a shop up on K Road and if you live nearby, you can get the beans delivered by push bike… and why not? The espresso I had was very drinkable, sweet and sour. This roaster is quite a small batch producer, but that seems a shame because the quality was high, especially for Auckland. They also produce beans for filter, and I’d be very interested to try.

In addition, there’s a couple of kitch shops, and some interesting looking restaurants, but the real appeal is the fresh veg, bakery and coffee. It’s not something that readers from the UK will find particularly unusual, but in Auckland it’s a rare find. It’s characteristic of the now fashionable area of Ponsonby, with its swish coffee shops and little boutiques and well worth checking out for those in the area.


Ponsony Central (not much to see on this website)
Eight Thirty Roaster

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  1. I’ve been meaning to pay a visit since I heard they were building this place last year. You’re right about the rarity of these seeming necessities all in one place. I can’t think of anywhere else that has a greengrocer, bakery, butchery and fish monger together. Add to that a liquor store and a cafe and I’d never need to go anywhere else.

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