Christmas Guilt

IMG_0294I hope that people have been more zealous in their coffee drinking than I have. The lack of posts recently are something I feel bad about, and have been in part due to a lack of time (apparently even coffee bloggers can get busy) and partly due to a lack of money in the run up to Christmas. This post is to extend my absence, but also to set out a slight agenda for what I’ll be up to in the New Year.

1. Coffee Apps

Apps for finding coffee are only live as far as Greater London goes, but I’ll be taking a look at the 69p-or-less ways of finding coffee in London. This is a work in progress as I am trying to put these apps to the test in London, rather than just give an overview of the interface from my living room.


2. Square Mile filter coffees

In the New Year, I should be starting a subscription to Square Mile filter. Every month when my bag of beans arrives in the post, I’ll do a write up of the flavours and the aromas. Ever the chemist, I’ll also be noting the process I’ve used to get the best cup from the beans available.


3. The Flat White ProjectIMG_0256

This is a bit of a secret.


4. More coffee shops!

I’m off to NZ, so I’ll be sampling some fine coffee in the new home of coffee. And then when I come back, I’ll be continuing my documentation of the best coffee in the UK. We’ve tamped scratched the surface!


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