Store Street Espresso – Bloomsbury

I have just started a new course, and I’m based in Bloomsbury. Naturally, I set out to scope the local coffee scene. I am well used to the high quality of coffee that you can find in London, but the concentration of coffee shops in Bloomsbury/Fitzrovia took me by surprise. For students, and others based in this area, Store Street Espresso is the most distance-efficient option and has become my local when on campus. But, in truth, we are spoilt for choice.

I’ve already visited Store Street a few times and not yet got round to writing a review, which is why there are more pictures of coffee than normal. There is V60 Pourover and Aeropress on the menu for filter buffs, as well as a standard range of espresso based coffees, as well as (currently at least) a guest espresso. All coffee is Square Mile. At the moment, the V60 is my pick. The Kangocho Peaberry bean tastes fantastic through the V60, fruity and bold, this coffee takes no prisoners. All the cups I’ve had at Store Street have been very well made and the staff are very passionate and know what they are doing. The only negative I can give is that I had a slightly bitter double espresso, but this was apologised for, and I gather it was a one off problem with the dialling in/espresso machine.

The food is simple, and they buy it in from outside. Mostly ciabatta sandwiches and some very nice pastries and quiches. But food isn’t the prime target of Store Street Espresso: coffee is. The pricing is quite standard for London, but they do a loyalty card (great for students!) that gets your eighth coffee free. Lastly, it’s worth noting that the location of Store Street and its small size means that it’s usually very busy and difficult to get seats. Persevere though, because the atmosphere is vibrant!

Store Street Espresso
Square Mile Roasters

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