This is my last post in Parisian coffee. I saved this one until last because it leads best into my next series of reviews, which will centre around London coffee shops. At TÉLESCOPE there is a project of Londonisation going on. Or that’s the way it appeared to me at any rate: small menu, a focus on a small range of coffees and a smattering of cake. More importantly, it’s almost impossible to get through the door for all the fixies sitting outside. Hipster central in Paris.

The ambience has been described. But just to develop this, TÉLESCOPE is minimalist to the extreme with cream plaster walls and a downstairs that is like a wine cellar, without any furniture or wine. In fact, it’s not clear if the downstairs has any purpose. Not that it matters! But this place is small too, with people standing outside during busy periods. One last thing to mention: ‘Funkentelchy’ was being played on the sound system. Brilliant.

On to the coffee. The ‘creme’ is the closest thing to a latte (for more info on French coffee names see my look at Parisian coffee en generale) and I found the coffee to be excellent. I think the coffee used may have been Has Bean, there was certainly a Has Bean tamper lying around, but the pictured bags of beans seem to be personalised for this specific shop. Whatever went into the espresso machine it made for incredibly smooth, but full-flavoured coffee. It was like being back in London for twenty nostalgic minutes.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that TÉLESCOPE is almost impossible to find, but is quite near to the centre. It is only five minutes from the Rue de Rivoli but if you don’t know what you’re looking for you could walk right past the street you need. Bring a map. Coffee tourism in Paris requires a map.

TÉLESCOPE website (in French and English)
Again, a reference to Rachel Khoo‘s website that held the most reliable recommendations for coffee in Paris

  1. As an addendum to this, my tentativeness in noting Telescope’s roaster was justified. They have just informed since the pub. of the article that they actually roast their own beans! Very impressed with that.

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