Coffee Culture – York

I’ve discussed Coffee Culture before, here, in reference to their wonderfully staple and reasonably priced beans. They easily deserve their own post though, and as my last visit to York for some time, I daresay, now would seem a sensible time to write something about the actual coffee shop.

Located on one of York’s most charming streets, Goodramgate, full of little independent pubs and restaurants, Coffee Culture has the kind of raw aboriginal feel that we all love in coffee houses. On entering, you’re greeted by a small bar and a whole paraphernalia of coffee machines and goods. Fortunately there are more seats upstairs, otherwise you’d never get a seat. The ‘driftwood’ style furniture adds to the ambience of the place.

The first coffee I had was a standard latte, I think made with their house blend (which is the same as the beans I raptured about in the previous post). It’s a fantastically smooth taste, with a chesnutty finish and very easy drinking as, indeed, a house blend should be. Very reasonably priced too! Soon after I started, I was handed a sandwich – ham salad. I have previously had their breakfast menu, which was excellent. The ingredients were well sourced, and the bread, in particular was soft and springy. It’s cheaper, larger and tastier than a similar sandwich at Starbucks, so can’t complain!

Looking through their specialties menu, I saw something I thought I should try: a piccolo! These are hardly ‘rare’ in the coffee world, but when I see something non-standard on the menu, I feel a little tingle on my nave that strongly suggests I try it. A piccolo is an espresso shot with milk! ‘A miniature latte’ as the menu called it. Basically, all the flavour of an espresso, without the bite, and with the texture of a latte (but less of the fat!). I chose the Australian Skyberry beans, notorious for the depth of flavour and boldness (not a coffee for the kids). With this, I had one of the brownies here. In past posts, I’ve made it clear that I’m very picky about my brownies, and this one wasn’t quite how I like them, but was decorated with hazelnut, which was delightful, especially when matched with the Skyberry. The piccolo was just beautiful, well made and literally beautiful. The flavour was strong and attacked the tastebuds. It has shares its character with the boldness of the Australian people.

This is my last post from York, and my last coffee shop review for a while as I am out of cities for a while. Hopefully, I’ll get round to posting some more about cycling, but my bike is not in top condish at the moment, so it might just be ramblings about cafetieres and the like.

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