Lattes made in Chelsea – South Kensington

My girlfriend has some work in Kensington currently and being the great guy I am I thought I’d spend the morning around the tube station, soaking up the sun and coffee. It’s the kind of place you expect to have good coffee, but experience has taught me that this is far from a guaranteed assumption. Too often, excellent coffee is a bit of a mythical beast, kept where you least expect it. However, I think I got lucky. In the area around the museums there are a dozen or so coffee shops but the two I visited were rather good. Worth a look.

For breakfast, we lapped up the summer sun at Greenfields cafe (SW7 2HE), which has seats outside (garden chairs) to enjoy/spite the weather at the moment. A good at-seat service made the experience seem very left-bank (a good thing) but included a trip to the cash machine when the PDQ didn’t work (a bad thing). Would have liked to get a chance to try the sandwiches which looked good, instead we had the breakfast menu. Anything on the breakfast menu includes filter coffee, or you can upgrade to a milky coffee for 1.50, which may seem like a strange thing to bring up, but I really liked the deal. The food was good stuff, nicely cooked eggs: poached with a runny yolk, but still warm.

But coffee is what we’re here to discuss, and it was beautiful, which did genuinely surprise me. The latte was well made, but the quality of the coffee was excellent. Very sharp and defined flavour, with a lusciously chocolatey aftertaste. It was undoubtedly a defibrillator for the morning, but this would do well for lunch, or with dessert.

After letting my girlfriend go for work, I disappeared off down Old Brompton Road, where I found the sleek and stylish Cacciari’s. It’s an Italian restaurant, but I didn’t have anything to eat. I came hoping for smooth Italian coffee and a reprieve from the turn in weather, and I wasn’t disappointed. Though the latte wasn’t as special as Greenfields’, it was calm and sweet, with a hazelnut tone to start. Light and frothy, it’s not a coffee to turn your nose at. Cacciari’s has good service and WiFi, can’t comment on the food though… as I didn’t have any.

Could have been much worse. Kensington looks like a bit of a Russian roulette for coffee, Greenfield’s is a bit of a gem for coffee, and Cacciari’s is much better than a trip to the local Costa.




Wondering where the cycling is? I’ve been reading too much in the media about Wiggins, helmets and the Olympics, but there was something on Queen’s Gate that made me chuckle.


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