The Grinds of Coffee Culture – York

On Goodramgate in York there are a few lovely independent places, the best for coffee is ‘Coffee Culture‘ (@coffeeculture41). I’ll provide a detailed review another day because a look at this raw, aborigine stumbleupon is incomplete without a comment or two about their wonderful food (brownies and sausage sarnies in particular!).

Today, instead, I’ve got a few words to say in praise of their gorgeous grounds. The beauty of drinking coffee from a cafetiere has never been far away, even if the quality is best shown in espressos. Preparing a cafetiere is just elegant and classic. But finding grounds that really taste good is a challenge. It’s not enough to visit the supermarket because the beans need to be freshly ground, and so finding a coffee shop to do it for you is your best bet.

The beans from Coffee Culture are amongst the highest quality I have come across in York. The flavour is large and open, but not overpowering; this is not your average, Arabica flavour. The tones are delicate and nutty, subtly controlling. On pouring the coffee you’re left with a beautiful brown foam that shows the coffee is of a good acidity. Well-balanced and flavourful, this coffee is perfect first-thing, when your senses have been deprived for hours.

This is my go-to coffee when I’m in York, to the extent that I’ve kept my own bag in the office whilst I’ve been working in York, primarily because it’s just scrummy. But also because it lasts so well: I’ve had my current bag for two weeks nearly, and it still retains much of its freshness. (Partially, it should be noted, because the bag that is provided is a ‘keep fresh’ bag.)

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